MacLean and Associates is a trusted Ottawa company who deals with all the major banks, lawyers & trust companies in Ottawa. Royal Trust, Scotia Trust, TD Waterhouse, BMO Trust Services. We are an experienced and trusted company that will work very hard to achieve the best outcome for you. We are here to assist you in a caring and professional manner with the sale of personal property & household contents, packing, sorting, moving your items or home. Anything you need, we can help.
We specialize in assisting seniors, boomers or anyone to downsize, estate liquidations, divorce, appraisals, liquidations or on-line sales.
WE DO NOT PICK AND CHOOSE! Some auction companies will come into your home and only take the “high end” items for their auctions. We will help you deal with it ALL! It is not a good idea to let your “high end” items go without the rest. The “high end” items will attract the buyers for the rest of your items. You want the best exposure for all your items.
WE DO NOT BUY - We feel there is a conflict of interest. We sell on a commission basis only. We want to sell your item at the highest possible recovery so we both win.
We have a 15,000 square foot warehouse. We hold a “pre-auction” before our main auction. This is where we can deal with many “Boxed Lots” of household items, electronics and smaller furniture.
Temporary storage - We can also assist in temporary storage at our facility.

MACLEAN conducts Estate Auctions with collectables, figurines, china, crystal, sterling silver, antique & contemporary furniture, rugs, art work: paintings, carvings, jewellery, collectables, tools, vehicles and more!
Our Estate Auctions are held every two to three weeks from September to June. Click on 'Auctions' for our most recent auction.

Our professional team can assist you by:
  • Appraising your assets - Diana Fuller (24+ years) & Jodie Krampitz (6+ years) are Certified Personal Property Appraisers. We can assist you by giving you the information to help you decide whether to keep or sell. We can also appraise your assets for Probate, Divorce or Fair Market Value.
  • Suggesting the best way to sell - Auction, In-Home Estate Sale, On-Line or in our warehouse consignment shop.
  • Supplying professional information, enabling you to make an informed decision.
  • Cleaning, packing and sorting your items or home - We can assist you by packing your items to move. Sorting your items for Keep, Sale, Charity or Recycle. We also supply a final cleaning to your old home or new on if needed.
  • Packing & arranging your move - Since we do this often, we get a preferred rate from our mover. We pass the savings on to you. They are quick, courteous and careful.
  • Staging your home for sale - Jodie Krampitz is a certified Staging Professional. We can give you some advice to help your home shine!
  • Interior design of your new location - Will it all fit in my new home? We can give you advice on the best way to set up your new home to make it comfortable and safe.
  • Advertising your assets to potential buyers - whether you decide to Auction your items or place you item in our on-line sales or consignment shop. MacLean will take photos of your items and place them on our site to attract the best possible buyer.
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